"Chinese and win-win situation, together with" chorus. ""

The first China International Expo exhibitors import foreign Chinese market bullish

Reporter Guan Kejiang Xie Yahong Li Yan

In November 2018 08, 08:54 source: 138479.xyz: People's daily

In November 6th, the Russian actor in the first Chinese international import Fair Russia exhibition dance.
Xinhua News Agency reporter Chen Jianli photo

The national trade and Investment Fair (hereinafter referred to as the National Exhibition) is an important part of the China international import expo. The exhibition focuses on economic development achievements in various countries and superior products, the purpose is to seek business opportunities and expand cooperation, enrich the China market. During the exhibition, the reporter came to Russia, Georgia, Hungary, Egypt exhibition interview.

"Will be more high-quality products to consumers Chinese"

The Russian Museum Crowded: one side is the boys and girls from Russia perform a folk dance, attracted bursts of applause; the other side is the Russian local government investment referral, many businessmen came to inquire.

Active participation of local government is the biggest characteristic of Russia to participate in the Expo. A total of 40 subjects of the Russian Federation representatives, accounting for nearly half of all regions of russia. The public relations director of the Russian Exhibition Association Azad Karayev said that the Russian local government and Chinese enterprises signing ceremony one by one. Such a strong investment in Russia will not only reflect the Sino Russian regional cooperation has great potential, that Russia pay more attention to Chinese, hope and common development China.

Executive vice president of Anna Villayeva international business group said Russian exports, the Russian companies about 100 exhibitors, exhibition area of 2000 square meters. She said: "the Russian companies see business opportunities in the Expo, this is the reason they are so well attended. The leaders of the two countries concerned on Sino Russian relations inspired our. We have established a representative office in Shanghai, I hope to help more enterprises to enter the Russian market Chinese, will be more high-quality products to consumers China."

"Our cooperation with Chinese will become increasingly close"

Hungarian Museum of the big screen is a display of publicity: quiet The Danube, golden castle, Budapest broad puszta...... One says: "we have not only gulas and chili, and foie gras, Wine and industrial innovation."

"Yes, we have a lot of things to take to China." The Hungarian R Bag Logistics Group Business Manager Cornel Hekenast negotiations out of the room, the reporter saw, handed over a cup of wine "noble rot, Hungary's agricultural products, medical devices and some industrial products are very competitive." Originally, next summer Eastern Airlines will open direct flights to Budapest route R, Bag logistics group made a special trip to attend into the Expo, hope that with China Eastern Airlines aircraft to carry out freight business cooperation. "Hungary economic and trade ties between Chinese more closely. We have cooperation with Air China has seen every year, Hungarian exports to China grew steadily, from Chinese imports is straight up. I believe that with the "The Belt and Road" to deepen cooperation, our cooperation with Chinese will become increasingly close."

In Kneller's view, taking into the Expo is not only to Chinese export. These two days, he visited Czech, Poland, Slovakia and other countries of the enterprise booth. "EU countries volume is not large, but China market development potential is infinite. In the process of cooperation and China, Central European countries should not compete with each other, but should be complementary relationship. We want to Chinese and win-win situation, together with the "chorus"."

"The opportunity for upgrading the quality of bilateral economic and trade relations"

Georgia Museum of people's eyes look: the wall is composed of a series of different colors and geometric patterns, with brief words to the country, the museum introduces Georgia advantage industry playing video. Georgia's economy and Sustainable Development Department Nia Razmaze said: "the pavilion design with modern sense, it is hoped that Chinese let friends know, Georgia attaches importance to innovation and efficiency."

Latz said Georgia majoris total of 52 enterprises, taking into the Expo, many are the first time to Chinese. 2017 years 5 months, lattice signed a free trade agreement and came into force this year 1 month 1 day, this is Chinese in Eurasia first FTA negotiations. Mother Latz said confidently: "there will be more people to enjoy the Chinese from Georgia wine, nuts and other high-quality products. I hope into the Expo as the opportunity to upgrade the quality of bilateral economic and trade relations."

"China is our good partners"

A gilded statue of Pharaoh Tutankhamun, dignified seat, carved jade alabaster lamps and accessories. Egypt Pavilion booth popular, "always wanted to travel to Egypt, to see the Nile in ancient civilization, did not expect in the Expo to see it." A representative from the trade group said.

"Egypt is one of the most Chinese love tourist destination. However, Egypt has now entered the Chinese commodity market is not much. This is taking into the Expo, we would like to use the bridge of tourism and culture, to promote the products to enter the market Chinese egypt." Just a few China guests over and negotiate, Egyptian girl Vergy Dina happily told reporters that today she has received 10 to dial China merchants, although some hoarse voice, but very excited.

As Egypt's Suez Canal Economic Zone investment adviser, Vergy Dina's visit is to understand the Chinese market, which products are suitable for Egypt Chinese consumer demand; secondly, also hope to attract enterprises to Chinese Egypt's Suez Canal Economic Zone investment. "Export goods and attract investment in these two aspects, Chinese is our good partners."

In non bridge international marketing platform sponsor, Zhejiang Gongshang University professor Zhao Haoxing told reporters: "through electronic business platform, we can easily to Egypt and other countries are introduced China, and these channels is more suitable for small and medium enterprise product marketing. I think, in the real fair for both supply and demand set up win-win cooperation platform."

"People's Daily" (08 November 2018 21 Edition)
(commissioning editor Shi Yaqiao and Che Kemeng)