The planned clean energy cooperation prospect

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In November 2018 08, 08:54 source: People's daily

The sixth session of the China Arab energy cooperation conference in November 5th to 8 in the Egyptian capital of Cairo held a meeting, discussion of power interconnection, renewable energy cooperation, the peaceful use of nuclear energy and other related topics, and Chinese from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Sultan, Algeria and other countries of the government officials, entrepreneurs and experts and scholars attending. The parties agree that the Arab countries are at a critical stage of development of energy transformation, the complementary advantages of both sides in the field of clean energy, great potential for cooperation.

China will set up a clean energy training center

Conference of Sino Arab energy cooperation is an important field of energy cooperation mechanism under the framework of the China Arab Cooperation Forum, founded in 2008, held every two years.

  “从中国三亚到苏丹喀土穆,从中国银川到沙特利雅得,从中国北京再到此次埃及开罗,阿中能源合作的节奏紧锣密鼓,能源合作的领域不断拓宽,双方能源合作的成就有目共睹……” “阿拉伯经济网”在报道本次会议时这样评论。

China is energy production and consumption country, Arabia area is one of the world's richest energy. In the joint efforts of both sides under the foundation of energy cooperation, firmly fruitful, play bilateral strategic cooperative "axis" and "ballast" role.

In recent years, bilateral pragmatic cooperation between the two countries in oil and gas, electricity, nuclear power and renewable energy and other areas of development. In the field of oil and gas in Arabia in 2017 to the national Chinese crude oil exports to 1.57 tons, accounting for 37% of the total Chinese imports of crude oil, is one of the most important China crude oil import sources; in the power sector, and actively participate in the construction of electric power infrastructure in the state of Arabia Chinese energy companies...... China is not only to the Arabia National provides PV modules, a large number of fans, also participated in the construction of many renewable energy projects.

In July this year, China President Xi Jinping in the China Arab Cooperation Forum Opening Ceremony of the eighth Ministerial Conference on an important speech, and especially on the Arab energy cooperation made important elaboration, stressed the need to actively promote cooperation in oil and gas, low carbon energy cooperation wheel rotation. This paper points out the direction for the next step of China Arab energy cooperation.

One of the highlights of the conference, is that the two sides will further expand cooperation in clean energy, China announced will set up a clean energy training center, the two sides will organize the photovoltaic and thermal, wind power, smart grid and other capacity building activities.

"The two sides have complementary advantages in the field of clean energy, great potential for cooperation." Deputy director of the National Energy Bureau Chinese Liu Baohua 5 said on the Arabia national clean energy resources richly endowed by nature, is one of the world's best area of solar and wind energy resource. The development of clean energy to achieve multi energy complementary, helps to promote the Arabia region's energy transformation and green development.

Liu Baohua suggested that the two sides jointly established the clean energy based training center, strengthen exchanges of policy planning and technology to carry out cooperation projects. At the same time strengthen with the world bank, the Asian infrastructure investment bank and other financial institutions cooperation, promotion of energy industry and financial cooperation mode, to promote the financial industry in China Arab energy cooperation projects in the depth of participation.

Sino Arab energy cooperation will create a huge market

Right now, Naka Ajun is at a critical stage of their energy development. At present, China development is the rapid growth of the transformation of high quality development, is committed to the transformation of energy and clean development, China will accelerate the adjustment of energy structure, and establish a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system. At the same time, Arabia is also actively seeking energy transformation, change on fossil energy situation. In recent years, Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia Egypt respectively proposed economic reform and restructuring plan, to reduce dependence on traditional energy sources, the development of clean and renewable energy, to achieve sustainable economic development.

The Assistant Secretary for economic affairs alliance in the state of Arabia long Kamal Hassan Ali said that Arab Cooperation in the field of energy will create a huge market, bring more economic development opportunities for both sides. Chinese has advanced technology and rich experience in the field of solar power, the two sides can carry out in-depth cooperation in this field.

Hina film power generation group president of Egypt's state company Yang Kai told reporters, in Egypt, for example, the country is tireless efforts to promote the development of new energy and renewable energy, Egypt plans to 2022 to clean energy accounted for the proportion of total generating capacity increased to 20%, by 2035 this proportion will increase to 40%. "These are opportunities for us." 杨凯说,以新能源企业为例,汉能正在为高端装备产业园在埃及落地积极努力,该项目契合埃及转变能源结构的需求,并有助于促进当地就业和经济发展。

From Chinese GCL New Energy Holdings Limited on behalf of Kong He in front of reporters took out a pile of name card, "these are received in the process of participating in. From Iraq, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Sudan and other countries nearly 10 of enterprises and financial institutions and government departments in our business are very interested, hope to cooperate with us."

Reporters learned that with the "steadily The Belt and Road construction, more and more countries Arabia hopes to carry out cooperation and share experience with China. "Arabia economy" the author pointed out that the economic development China envy, Arabia national China is very optimistic about the market, "Look East" has gradually become the consensus.

Saeed is the person in charge of a Energy Service Companies in Egypt, he said to the reporter, Chinese broad market, bilateral energy cooperation has great potential. 本次大会是一个寻找中国合作伙伴的绝佳平台,他在这里认识了很多中国公司,也更深入了解了中国市场的需求。

Egyptian electricity and renewable energy department vice minister Aslan think, "The Belt and Road construction provides a historic opportunity for Arab cooperation. As Chinese's fourth largest trading partner in Africa, Egypt continue to favor and support the "The Belt and Road construction, hope that countries in the region to seize the opportunity to strengthen cooperation with Chinese in various fields including energy.

(Cairo, November 7)

"People's Daily" (08 November 2018 21 Edition)
(commissioning editor Shi Yaqiao and Che Kemeng)