"The union The Belt and Road" organization of international scientific establishment

Wang Ying

In November 2018 08, 09:07 source: Xinhuanet.com

Xinhuanet.com Beijing 11 month 7 Xinhua (Wang Ying) reporter from Chinese Academy of Sciences was informed that the urgent need to further response "The Belt and Road along the countries and regions in scientific and technological cooperation, coping with common challenges, promote the construction of" The Belt and Road "technology innovation community, research institutions and the United Nations initiative of 40, regions and relevant international scientific organizations, initiated the establishment of the alliance The Belt and Road" international organization of science.

In the days before the press conference held by the president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Bai Chunli said that the alliance is in "The Belt and Road" initiative framework, first by the countries and regions along the research institutions and international organizations co sponsored the establishment of a comprehensive international organization of science and technology, for the countries and regions along the thorough development of science and technology cooperation, and work together to address common challenges and promote the people connected construction and cultural exchanges, promote the common destiny of mankind to build mechanism, security platform.

According to reports, the alliance general assembly is the highest decision-making body of the alliance, the alliance Council is the executive agency of the alliance decision. 1 union chairperson, vice president and director of 2. The Secretariat of the League will be located in the Chinese Academy of sciences. The alliance's purpose is: to build a "The Belt and Road" technology innovation community, promoting national economic and social sustainable and high quality development; focus on the "The Belt and Road" regional common challenges and significant demand, promote scientific and technological innovation policies in the world communication and strategic docking, jointly organized the implementation of major science and technology cooperation program; promote the innovation ability of mutual cooperation and open innovation resources, open data sharing; strengthen innovative joint training efforts, to enhance scientific and technological innovation.

The reporter learned from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2013, responded positively to the "The Belt and Road" initiative, in platform construction, project layout, personnel training and the role of international science and technology organizations, proactive planning, forward-looking deployment, promote pragmatic, has started the implementation of "developing countries and expand cooperation project" and "The Belt and Road" science and technology cooperation the action plan, carry out science and technology cooperation with countries and regions along. At present, the Chinese Academy of Sciences created 9 Overseas Science and technology cooperation center "in The Belt and Road along the countries and regions, the deployment of more than 100 science and technology cooperation projects, training nearly 5000 high-level talents has been training, along the countries and regions.

(commissioning editor Shi Yaqiao and Wang Jing)